Captain John

A licensed captain, life-time boat addict, and  Director of the Submerged Lands Program (SLP) within the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. Oh yeah...and a longtime Grateful Dead fan.

Marine Biologist Annie

A PhD, MSc, MA, and BSc in marine biology, sea farming, research, and other geeky marine things.  Founder & Director of Sea-to-Hearth, Annie's Kitchen, and the Sea Farm Explorer Program.

Tom & Emily

Tom & Emily design and implement creative investment solutions that generate social impact alongside competitive financial return.  They are the earth and fire of Pemetic Sea Farms LLC.

The Teenager

A teenager soooooo experienced in marine biology and aquaculture outreach that it's not very interesting any more! Seriously we have the youngest member of the team who has 5+ years experience of aquaculture outreach, the know-how for measuring salinity, and a great temperament for grading and sorting oysters.

The Mascot

Hamish is a 5 year old sheltie and helps out with barking at anything that moves!