Sea Farm Explorer Program

Healthy Coastal Communities Through Sea Food, Sea Farms, and Education

  • Educate people about local, farmed seafood.

  • Spark curiosity in science, seafood, & sea stewardship

‚ÄčThe SEA FARM EXPLORER is a mobile program that features hands-on lessons about locally farmed seafood and our marine environment.

The program is led by Dr Anne Langston Bowden, a farmer-educator, and involves trained staff/volunteers excited to bring an interactive sea farm experience to any school or community event.  

The SEA FARM EXPLORER program is centered around a portable touch tank experience. The SEA FARM EXPLORER tank is full of: (1) farmed sea animals and plants, (2) predators of farmed shellfish, and (3) other animals that live in the same environment, and is primed for a discovery experience.

Using the portable touch tank as the basis, the SEA FARM EXPLORER program provides an educational experience for a wide range of age groups, or as a public engagement platform.

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